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Destroyed Space

Lysenko MyGallery планує відктиття першої сучастної скульптури в місті Києві.

Destroyed Space, Mikhailo Deyak, sculpture steel, 3000x4000 presents a amalgam of calm tranquillity and aggression, chaos and entirety.Abstract sculpture with dazzling and radiant joyful colours usual for Deyak calling inspiring meditative feelings. Is is colossal, monumental, immense 4 meters hight sculpture composed of few created in original with duplicate possibility manner out. One time uniquely composed metal sheets are unalterably and inimitably can't be changed and can't be product again with the same way. It is an absolutely unique piece of art. Its enormous, monumental, size and arresting shapes present drama and harmony in at the same time. Destroyed Space or 'Heap' as is its informal name (as Nik name)is planned to be installed in the historical centre of the Kiev. The Vozdvizhenka area is the new luxury unique quarter built on the deep history district. A mix of history, the destroyed space of previous streets and new high-quality areas is the perfect place for the Destroyed Space sculpture. It enriches the enviroment and is its crowning glory.

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