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I have been involved in Art as a gallery collector for 15 years. My passion for art has developed from the technical art hologram business. I have always adored art even throughout my education and financial career. My first artistic encounter occurred (during my financial career) with art hologram technology. This raised my enthusiasm for art which led me to establish the '4DstudioR', an art hologram creation studio and gallery in Dubai in 2006. Following this practical experience of running the gallery in the Middle East, I found the Middle East to be more culturally  Islamic and  traditional. This reminded me of and inspired  my interest in own culture and Ukrainian roots.


Exploring my fascination my cultural heritage, I founded MyGallery Ukraine in 2012. MyGallery Ukraine dealt with classic and modern art.


At this time, I discovered a great Ukrainian artist, Mikhail Deyak, Andriy Roik, Polina Shcherbyna, Sergey Panaseko, and another young gifted artists. I discovered new and established artists such a Ivan Marchuk, Vasyl Bazchay, Petro Lebedynez, Alexander Aksinin, Anatoly Kryvolap. 

The MyGallery has been a favoured, envogue art exhibition venue and received a multitude of visitors over the years.


Nathalie Lysenko


I would like to open the borders of Ukrainian art to the world. Currently I am striving to globally introduce unique Ukrainian art with deep historical roots and support a young talented artist. In cooperation with the oldest Ukrainian “Karas" Gallery, Lysenko MyGallery presents leading artists from Ukraine, showing significant work from the masters of Modern and Contemporary art, as well as the new generation of emerging stars. Paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, films, and editioned works of the highest quality.

“A painting is not a picture of an experience; it is an experience.” 

Mark Rothko

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Lysenko MyGallery

Kozhum'atska str, 18

04071 Kyiv

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